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Do you do any selling online? Did you know that selling things online can count as a business and that you could be losing money if you don't prepare your taxes just right? Online sales have helped my family get through a very difficult year. Then, when I found out what I was going to have to pay in taxes for the income that I earned through those online sales, I about had a heart attack. After doing some digging, I decided to skip filing my taxes myself and took them to a professional for help. Find out what an accountant uncovered for me and how it helped put my money back in my pocket.


Can Auditing Be a Good Thing?

27 July 2021
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If you run a successful church, company, business, or any organization where the money goes through your hands, you should hire audit services. Normally the thought of being audited can cause fear or stress for people, but there are actually many perks to choosing to be audited regularly. Some of these perks include but are not limited to: Long Term Company Planning If your business is booming and healthy, you may want to start thinking about how to keep it that way for many years to come. Read More …

4 Important Tax Planning Tips For 2021

28 May 2021
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If you want to have a pleasant time filing your taxes next year in 2022, you need to start thinking and planning for your taxes right now. There are steps you can take this year that will set you up for a better tax situation. #1: Make Contributions to Your IRA Account It is essential to save up for your retirement. One way to save up for your retirement and enjoy a tax discount for that contribution is by contributing to your IRA account. Read More …

How Does Financial Consulting Differ From Financial Advising?

27 March 2021
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Financial consulting is a term that sounds very similar to financial advisory work. A client would be right to wonder what the distinction is, even if it might seem like a fairly fine one. Here's what distinguishes financial consulting services. Understanding Asset Classes A major difference is that a financial consultant is there to help you understand how different asset classes provide investment value. If you're trying to figure out, for example, whether certain stock options might be an appropriate risk hedge, a consultant can help you assess the value of that approach. Read More …

Why You Should Hire a Bookkeeper if You Are an Independent Home Service Contractor

25 January 2021
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If you are an independent home service contractor who does not already have a bookkeeper, then you might want to look into bookkeeping services. It's ideal to hire a bookkeeper to assist you with handling the financial aspect of your business for the following reasons and more. You Might Have a Lot of Business Expenses Running a business like this might mean that you have a lot of business expenses. For one thing, you might have a work truck and work trailer, and you might have to pay for fuel, maintenance, and more for your vehicle and work trailer. Read More …