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tax filing for online sales

Do you do any selling online? Did you know that selling things online can count as a business and that you could be losing money if you don't prepare your taxes just right? Online sales have helped my family get through a very difficult year. Then, when I found out what I was going to have to pay in taxes for the income that I earned through those online sales, I about had a heart attack. After doing some digging, I decided to skip filing my taxes myself and took them to a professional for help. Find out what an accountant uncovered for me and how it helped put my money back in my pocket.


3 Reasons To Hire A CPA For Your Small Business

30 March 2016
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If you're a small business owner, then you may know the challenges that accompany this status. Working to ensure the success of your company is certain to be a full-time job. However, you will need to keep track of the day-to-day financial transactions of any business. One way to help you do so is by enlisting the aid of a certified public accountant, or CPA. By knowing some of the reasons to hire this professional, you may be may be more motivated to do so. Read More …

Are Your “Quickbooks” A Mess? How A Certified Public Accountant Can Help

21 March 2016
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Running your own business can be a very exciting but complicated adventure. Some of the complications you might experience are the result of accounting software and missed entries or mistyped entries. Even when you have a product like Quickbooks, you can still throw the whole of a single accounting book off with one or two mistakes. It may be very helpful to hire a certified public accountant to work with you all year long. Read More …

What Costs Can Be Deducted As Business Expenses On Income Taxes For A Home Business?

16 March 2016
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Many people dream of running their own home business but may be afraid it will be very expensive to get started. While this may be true depending on the type of business, there are ways to get back some of the money you spend to get your business running smoothly. When you file your taxes, there are many costs that can be considered business expenses. By claiming these, you will not need to pay as many taxes, and you may actually get some of the money back. Read More …

Obsessing Over Improving Your Credit Score? Try These 4 Easy Tips Instead

5 January 2016
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Are you trying to improve your credit score? For many people, this means obsessing about scores, juggling cards or intentionally carrying a balance on existing cards. But there are easier and simpler ways to improve your credit. Some methods don't even involve using your credit card at all. Here are 4 easy and creative credit-improvement tips for any budget.  Automate It One of the easiest ways to damage your credit is to miss payments or have late payments. Read More …

How Can You Reduce Your Small Business’s Effective Tax Rate?

12 November 2015
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If you've recently launched your first small business, you're probably doing all you can to cut costs -- shopping different suppliers for the best product prices, hiring part-time workers to avoid paying benefits, and even investing in energy-efficient lights and appliances to help cut the amount of electricity your storefront uses. However, your annual federal, state, and local tax bills could be among the largest expenses your business pays, and making a few easy maneuvers to lower these tax rates could be much more effective at saving money than clipping coupons or turning off lights. Read More …